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Scent Descriptions

Soft, subtle scents that are meant for everyday use.

Citrus: Universally-loved, bright and happy citrus blends 

  • Bergamot + Tea Leaf: Earl grey tea and bits of citrus combine to create this unique, upscale, and spa-like scent.
  • Citrus + Sugar: A fresh, sweet mix of citrus and sugarcane.
  • Grapefruit + Ginger: A complex blend of grapefruit and ginger with a light, white musk drydown.
  • Grapefruit + Sea Salt: You can never go wrong with grapefruit, and this ruby red grapefruit and sea salt blend is no exception. Happy, fresh, and light.
  • Lemon Tree: A balanced blend of ripe lemon and subtle green and wood notes. The perfect kitchen scent!
  • Lemon + Vanilla Bean: Lemon zest and just the right amount of sweetness, grounded by a slightly herbal finish.
  • Seaside Juniper: An energizing blend of beach juniper and zesty citrus.
  • Spiced Lime: Zesty, fresh lime mellowed with a hint of spice.


Coast: Notes of salty air, ozone, and even suntan oil will transport you to your favorite coastal inlet or sandy beach 

  • Beach Girl: A true beach day scent: think suntan oil and sun-kissed skin.
  • Beach Wood: Driftwood and earthy notes rounded out by a hint of coconut make this scent a unique coastal blend.
  • Coveside: Inspired by Maine's coastal inlets, this marine blend combines ocean notes with green notes and a hint of woods.
  • Cozy Harbor: A clean, heavier coastal scent - our top seller, and an actual place! Cozy Harbor is a picturesque cove off the beaten path in Southport, Maine where you can watch lobster boats unloading their haul, sailboats zipping in and out, and breathe in the invigorating marine air.
  • Islander: A tropical blend of ripe fruit, berries, and a hint of coconut...Think boat drinks and beach chairs.
  • Lakeside: Freshwater, wild grasses, and a hint of woods round out this crisp, clean, slightly masculine blend.
  • Lavender + Coconut: Subtle lavender combines with creamy coconut into a relaxing scent.
  • Marine Fog: Like the roaring surf after a storm, this blend is salty and complex and perfectly coastal.
  • Mother of Pearl: Fresh sea air and kelp mingle with watery florals to create this ultra-beautiful (and slightly sweet) coastal scent.
  • Salt Air: That salty sea air wafting through a beach house, or hitting your face as you roll down the windows during your favorite coastal drive. Clean and fresh with a hint of salty brine.
  • Saltmarsh: A clean, crisp blend of salty water, sea grasses, and fresh air.
  • Saltwater: A pretty, clean fragrance that combines fresh air, sea grass, and rounded out by a hint of sweetness.
  • Sea Salt: A crisp, clean, and unisex fragrance that combines the scent of a salty ocean air with hints of cucumber and musk.


    Herbal: Freshly picked, straight from the garden

    • Lavender + Chamomile: Lavender, chamomile, and a bit of sandalwood combine into a comforting, relaxing blend.
    • Lemon + Lavender: Tangy lemon and just the right amount of herbal lavender, and you've got a classic, crowd-pleasing blend.
    • Garden Basil: Fresh basil and touches of wood notes make this a beautifully balanced scent.
    • Sea Lavender: Light and airy lavender and hints of salt air...soft and relaxing.
    • Seagrass + Cucumber: A refreshing blend of grassy green notes and crisp, cool cucumber.
    • Vetiver: Soft and earthy, with hints of sandalwood. Upscale and understated.


    Floral: Softly fragrant blooms to evoke a cherished memory

    • Beach Rose: Beach roses and citrus combine into a bright, modern floral.
    • Beach Path: Think rugosa roses that line the sandy path to the beach combined with fresh sea air...this scent will take you back to Cape Cod summers and sand dunes.
    • Costal Lilac: Heady lilac blended with saltwater-soaked driftwood. A customer favorite in spring and early summer!
    • Field + Flower: Think big open fields of grain, tall grasses, and wildflowers.
    • Musk Rose: Rose, musk, and a hint of clove combine into a warm, sultry scent.
    • Peony + Sea Salt: Fragrant pink peony and fresh coastal air combine into this beautifully feminine, floral blend.


    Fruit: Sometimes sweet and always delicious fruit blends, always with an upscale twist

    • Fig Leaf: Fresh green fig mixed with bits of wildflower. Sharp and clean.

      Woods: Deeper, more complex blends to set a cozy mood 

      • Beach Pines: Scrub pine trees dot the coastline, emerging out of the sand and reminding us of New England's truly special coastline. A clean, light scent with an outdoorsy feel.
      • Beach Bonfire: A campfire, a bonfire, a fire pit...this blend of oaky woods, a hint of smoke, and a bit of toasted marshmallow at the finish will make you feel like you're cozied up next to your favorite fire of choice.
      • Mountain Lodge: Notes of woods and balsam and a touch of incense make up this complex, masculine blend that's cozy and complex.
      • Sandalwood + Eucalyptus: Warm sandalwood is brightened by fresh eucalyptus, and the result is a deeply herbal, unisex blend.
      • Vanilla + Patchouli: A unique blend of vanilla and just a hint of earthy patchouli. Sexy and alluring.
      • Woods + Salt: Woody, herbal notes blend with sea salt into an spa-like blend